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Topic:  watering the raised beds  (Read 689 times)

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this morning at 06:10, I went down to the veg patch and thought I had better water the raised beds.
now I have been watching the weather forecast closely, and we were due rain last night, but none had come, and as it has been a little while since we last had some, I thought I had better water them.
so the rain water that I have stored in 1,000 litre barrels I used, and I gave the beds a good soaking, then at 11:50 it started to rain, I felt a bit like you do when you wash the car and it starts to rain, gutted, still it will not hurt to be double doused, now a nice bit of warm, sunny weather will do, and the veg should grow like a goodun, I hope

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Thanks for sharing this great info with us